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Is Caffeine the Weight Loss Key or Tea Itself?

Connections have been shown in the past between caffeine-containing beverages and weight loss. But what is it that actually produces the result? In the case of tea, is it the caffeine or is it the tea?


A recent research paper took a meta-analysis approach, examining the outcomes of 15 previous green tea and weight loss studies, trying to glean more information about the real mechanisms.


Researchers found some good news for tea drinkers. In these studies, people who took green tea extract along with caffeine lost three pounds more over three months than those who consumed caffeine only. Green tea polyphenols aided the burning of extra calories, primarily derived from fat. Male tea drinkers had lower body mass index results in one study. The manganese in tea is also thought to help break down fat and stabilize blood sugar.


Tea drinkers do need to take some caution. Adding artificial sweeteners, honey, milk or other sugars can suddenly turn tea into a calorie-adding beverage, rather than a calorie burner.


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