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About Us

Asia Tea co., Ltd is one of the leading tea manufacturers and exporters in Vietnam. Until now, the company has produced and processed from fresh tea buds over 10,000 tons of tea for export each year. Our productivity is estimated to rise to 12,000 tons/year in the future.

The enterprise’s products consistently satisfy the public demands in terms of quantity and quality, food hygiene standards and punctuality.

Our tea products for export include:

·        Orthodox Black tea

·        CTC Back tea

·        Green tea

.        Flavored tea

Diverse packaging such as: kraft, PP, PE, EMPET, duplex box, carton

 The company prioritizes consumer needs.  Our customers’ trust is an anchor which strengthens us to always improve our production and progress.

Facilities accompanying tea production comprise:

- Two manufacturing factories located in Ngoc Lap, Yen Lap, Phu Tho province - total productivity: 90 tons of fresh tea buds/day:

         ·    One incorporates orthodox method and features a production line equipped with machines from the Soviet Union and Vietnam’s tea mechanics – productivity: 40 tons/day.

         .    One incorporates CTC (Crush, Tear, and Curl) method, with full equipment imported from India. 

 A tea processing factory, situated in Nhong, Thai Hoa, Ba Vi, Ha Noi, with an area of 4500m2.


 A tea refining and packaging factory in Phu My A, Phu Son, Ba Vi, Ha Noi, lying in a 77,500m2 terrain with its own area of 11,000m2. This place is furnished with modern machinery, which helps mechanize the processes of production:

   ·      Many electronic colour sorters from Japan and Korea

   ·      2 tea blending and packaging systems

   ·      2 automatic small bag tea packaging machines 100, 200, 250, 500, 1000 grams/bag

   ·      Tea flavoring machine

   ·      Other types of cutting, shifting and grading machines

   ·      Vacuum cleaning system to ensure industrial hygiene.

And many other types of equipment catering for production processes.



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