Premium black tea containers with stable quality and large quantity, made from 100% of the freshest tea buds of Phu Tho province, the traditional land of Vietnam's tea industry.

RA certification

The Rainforest Alliance's agricultural program supports the international secretariat of the sustainable agriculture network. Accordingly, production activities need to ensure biodiversity, protect wildlife, protect forest land, protect the environment and improve life for producers and communities.

ISO 22000-2018 standard

Is a certification that evaluates a business/organization applying a food safety management system in accordance with the terms of ISO 22000-2018 standard (latest version)

Certified HALAL

Confirm that the product meets the requirements of ingredients and meets the requirements in production and meets the requirements of Halal Standards, meeting standards for export to Muslim countries

Continuously holding the position as the number 1 tea exporter in Vietnam from 2018 to present, certified by the Vietnam Tea Association.

The leading unit exporting Vietnamese tea

Prestigious export enterprise

Selected and approved annually by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam

ASIA TEA is committed to linking the production and export of tea with the sustainable development of the community. Food Safety, Quality Control and Hazard Systems certifications such as ISO 22000-2018, RA and Halal ensure the safety of raw materials & traceability throughout the production process from fresh tea buds to production, classification, packaging and transportation. We also regularly check product quality before exporting through independent testing units such as Eurofins, SGS and other independent Laboratories.